February 15, 2009

Michele Brody: Katie Smither

Solutions to the mold on the wet paper seem to be broad.  I couldn't find any specifics about cotton or black spot mold, etc, however there is this website which has the potential to provide a lot of information.  The solutions they provide are accessible and cheap, unlike using antifungal bacteria, etc. 

 There is also the possibility of mixing a small amount of bleach or detergent in the water, but both of those solutions could cause problems.  However, who knows.... soap scum buildup..if it is an organic/beautiful? soap, could cause a really interesting texture or transparent layer on the paper.  Could be neat.  If a waxy soap, then the layer accumulated could also serve in preserving the paper and plant after watering has stopped.  Lots of stuff to test!  Good luck and thanks,

Katie Smither