March 4, 2009

Rebargroup: Katie Smither

Two words:  Wooster Collective.  This is an amazing blog about street culture/art/projects.  If you don't look at it often, you should, cause there's usually cool stuff up.  They recently had a speech bubble post...Talk Back by Ji Lee?  Totally encouraging public dialogue and interaction by leaving the bubbles open for interpretation.

Blog number two:  It's Nice That.  Here's a cool video that was up recently, not exactly applying to what we're talking about with vending, etc.  But oh, enjoy!  I like this idea of interaction/interpretation being a virus that expands and is contagious.  Still looking for other examples of 'vending' as permission to engage, thanks and gig'em!

Katie Smither

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  1. Katie, I love Wooster Collective! Glad to see someone else likes it too :)


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