April 18, 2009

Game Plan

Hi all,

To recap:

3D Prints

So, after talking with Trent, there will be two batches of 3D prints going through. The first batch went through tonight and included the smaller file sizes. These will be printed, washed and cured by Tuesday. The second batch will go through tmro and includes heavier file sizes. This run will take upwards 62 hours, so, they will be done Wed or Thurs. Please add these models to the gallery exhibition once they are complete. 


As mentioned, you should have at least two 36"x36" 'matrix' process drawings (one each for the looping/knotting studies and the wave grid studies). You should also have between two to six 36"x36" single drawing/image plots. These could be entirely line work or renderings. I would like these drawings to reference areas of interest that you may have not been able to print, etc. Or, perhaps they feature areas of study that the 3D print and/or wave grid panel may not. Think big, bold and beautiful. 

Tile/Wall Laser Cut panels

Tmro, we will begin our Laser Cut studies. By 11am, you should have two wave grid studies to start with. The goal is to build a wall/panel system from all of the individual tiles. We will send the first batch of files to the laser cutter by 3 or so. 

See you tmro at 11am. Great work today!


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