February 25, 2009

Rebargroup: Barrett Davis

Graffiti Research Labs:

A common thread that holds the projects together is that they are trying to make a statement in the public area. As conscious as they are with their message, they are also conscious to not damage the areas as much as a normally thought to be graffiti artist. Instead of tagging with spray paint cans they use techniques such as projectors and LED's to get their messages across.

- This is a fun little link where it takes you step by step on how to make a difference in the public space. It seems a bit in-your-face at times, however.

- LED Throwies: perhaps one of their better known projects. The idea is that you make graffiti by only using LED's and magnets which can be attached to many surfaces without actually damaging them. It is a very aesthetically pleasing sight, it's easy to clean up, yet it makes a statement.

- Night Writer: extends the idea of the LED Throwie in a more practical regard. Instead of having to throw the LED's without discretion, one can attach the LED's to a board and attach it as they please.

- Drip Sessions: the beginning of an ongoing project that uses captured ink effects with projection capabilities. Some of their later work expands on this idea but appears to use a laser to draw instead of having captured video. The filming of the ink dripping down the paper is much more along the idea of a typical graffiti artist spray-painting on a wall.

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