February 24, 2009

Rebargroup: Katie Smither

They are coming.  So I think we should use what we learned from Michele's visit and capitalize on it.  Preparation is key, and let's not put a lock on our own door.  I think we would all agree that the more preparation we do before the artist is here the more we will be able to get accomplished, that way we don't have to waste time planning and thinking and pondering, we can just rock out.  That said, this is on REBAR's bushwaffle site:

"Rebar is currently exploring new material options and design innovations for Bushwaffle, and will delve deeper into this question at a week-long artists’ residency program at Texas A&M University. Specifically, we will seek to identify available materials that are recyclable (or compostable) alternatives to PVC. These materials include corn-based polylactic acid (PLA) and other bioplastics."

That's us! So, if anybody has time or interest, it seems like researching inflatable options and  plastics that can be used as a skin for inflatable objects is a good place to start.  I really like the implications of the bushwaffle and REBAR's other work, it's proactive/progressive and serves a positive purpose, it's great.  Like bushwaffles, they're 'social bubbles' in the opposite sense of the phrase, they allow people to branch out rather than remain confined to themselves or their circumstances...therefore, breaking the actual 'social bubbles'....nice.  

Hopefully I'll have more to post soon to get us going, till then enjoy Jeff Koons.  The uber famous artist of today who used inflatables in his old work (hey, that looks kinda like a bushwaffle......) 

He also made inflatables out of metal....so, no...not really inflatable.  His work is the epitome of 'kitsch' art....and if you look up 'kitsch' it talks about bad taste, tackiness, or something aesthetically inferior or low class (like your plastic Little Mermaid piggy bank you had when you were 8.....or 20), but when Koons talks about his work, he talks about the actual beauty of such things.  That the balloon animal really is gorgeous, or that there's something wonderfully charming about your grandmother's collection of porcelain cats that can't be ugly.  I'm not sure about the cats.....but I think he might be right about some things.  See y'all friday!


- Katie Smither

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