January 28, 2009

Michele Brody: Briana Morrison

A little research on artists Michele admires:

Ann Hamilton
  • Trained in Textile Design at the University of Kansas and received a MFA in Sculpture from Yale
  • Specializes in large-scale, mixed-media installations which immerse the user in the experience/history/culture of the space (see "Corpus" below)
  • Believes that the written and spoken language can be experienced with multiple senses, and often reverses the roles of the senses (i.e. making the mouth become an eye using pin hole cameras, below)

"The paradoxical structure of my work is often to engage that place of in-betweenness; to engage it, not to make a picture of it, not to make it its subject, but actually to try to work at that place in a way that demonstrates it, that's demonstrative, that occupies it. You know it's very abstract, but concrete."
- Ann Hamilton

Sources: http://www.annhamiltonstudio.com/, www.pbs.org/art21/artists/hamilton/index.html
Anne Wilson
  • Utilizes familiar materials (table linen, bed sheets, human hair, lace, thread, wire, glass) that embody some cultural meaning
  • Many art pieces on her website show deconstruction and then reconstruction/reinvention of materials to create something new (see "Topologies," the reconstruction of black lace pieces to form surreal 'landforms')

  • Utilizes the medias of video and sound in installations (such as "Errant Behaviors," were deconstructed lace from Topologies was animated to show strange actions coupled with sounds)
"Well, in one segment, called "Whack," there's a ball of thread on a white surface with a pin next to it, and that pin is simply going back and forth and back and forth, whacking away at that thread. The sound serves to further materialize the thread ball as being wet and soggy. It's sort of abusive--and funny; it's a behavior that's rude and unexpected."
-Anne Wilson describing Errant Behaviors

http://www.annewilsonartist.com, http://mouthtomouthmag.com/wfw7.html

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