January 30, 2009

Michele Brody: Mike Droske

Metal lace artist Cal Lane has some ideas that might work in this project.
She does plasma cut steel and iron sculptures, and the detail is amazing. I think the rusty metal would look really striking against some bright green grass.
Here's her website:
And here's a NYT article on her:


  1. I think this would be a really neat way to replace the cloth lace....nice find.

  2. Thanks! Now, whether this is doable, that's another story. According to her artist statement, she does at least some of the plasma cutting by hand:
    "With this notion of desirable oppositions I created the structure “fabricate”. In this Structure I hand cut lace trimming patterns into 9 I-beams, then constructed a tower, simultaneously macho, and of delicate finery."

    There's probably no way for us to have time to do that, but maybe if someone here has experience in CNC plasma cutters or CNC routers, this could happen.

  3. Alrighty! I made a visit to the ARCH Ranch yesterday and this is definitely doable! There are a few things that need to be considered before using the plasma cutter if we decide to use it:

    1) The cost of material. Steel tends to be pretty expensive, but depending on what kind and how much we use will determine the cost.
    2) The plasma cutter cuts with about an 1/8" cutting width so this will govern how much detail we can put into a lace pattern.

    I am going to make a post later under the information tag that has more details pertaining to the plasma cutter and the cnc router.


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