February 9, 2009

Michele Brody: Bradley Angell


I know you are meeting tonight (Monday, Feb 09), but I wanted to let you (and the class) know that I am working on a prototype seed post that has the following attributes from your Chinese Menu:

Exterior - N/A (will need help with this)
Inner Structure - PVC
Watering - PVC drilled with holes/From stored rain water
Growing Medium - N/A (will need help on this)
Seeds - N/A (will need help on this)
Hanging Hardware - N/A (will need help on this)
Reservior - Simple Catch Basin
Individual or Series - Stand Alone Seed Post

If you can at this meeting today, please mention I am putting one together as we speak with donated and a few bought materials... I will start posting the results of my attempts reflecting our class work on the blog...

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