February 8, 2009

Michele Brody: Seed Posts List

I have sent an email to everyone listing a bunch of the Seed Posts options.

It was easiest for me to just make a list for everyone to pick and choose from.

Please use Chris's choice as a sample of how to put together the various options to try out a type of post to see how it works, Mainly I would really like to have at least one permanent version and a few temporary versions. There should be at least two that stand alone, Chris' and another with an individual recycling reservoir, the rest can be hooked up together into the closed recycling water system. One thing I forgot to list is to find shade growing seeds, since the bridge will not get as much direct sun.

Chris has decided to do a stand alone post with found materials that is just watered by letting the water flow down a central PVC core with the holes drilled out and filled with a wicking material, covered in the lace that I brought and will allow the water to just flow out into one of the planters already positioned on the bridge, he still needs to decide what growing medium and seeds to use

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