February 9, 2009

Michele Brody - Bradley Angell

INDIVIDUAL SEED POST PROTOTYPE (Images and Skematic Description)

Image 1 - Scale and Skematic Design

Image 2 - Skematic Design of Water Distribution Coil

Image 3 - Water Distribution Coil w/ Mesh Overlay

Image 4 - Entire Water Distribution System w/ Gravity-based Pressurizing System

With this, I was hoping to create a natural system that required no electricity and designed for an urban environment where there are tall structures (over 35' tall) and ample rainfall (New York, Houston, Dallas or the like).

Based on Michele's earlier models, this system could hopefully improve with a coil system that is intended to evenly distribute water with a gravity-based pressurized system. Water distribution is carried out in a parellel rather than linear fashion, hopefully allowing for better growth over the entire seed post from top to bottom.

Gravity is supplied by having a bucket hoisted up multiple floors (preferrably 30 - 50 feet high) with a normal garden water hose linking between the latched bucket at a window sill or scupper down to the street side seed post...

Water will be be caught in the bucket at the bottom and is not intended to be recycled up. Hopefully, with this system, the water will irrigate slow enough to allow enough evaporation and absorption before excess water evacuates the system at such quantities that pose a problem.

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