March 16, 2009

Jenny Sabin: Mike Droske

Olafur Eliasson: Vibrations

"Physics has found no straight lines - has found only waves. Physics
has found no solids - only high-frequency event fields.
universe of physical energy is always divergently expanding
(radiantly) or convergently contracting (gravitationally) ." -Buckminster Fuller

Everything we know of is a process. Physics has shown that there are no solid, discrete objects.
Within time, everything changes. Time itself is an individual phenomenon, restricted to our own perceptions, our own lifespans. Our individual perspectives differ, and time, likewise, is relative.

Eliasson suggests that "every space and every situation contains in itself the potential for reevaluation and renegotiation." People, given the proper tools, should be able to engage the space that surrounds them. Buildings and landscapes shape our environments-but we can likewise shape our environments-indeed- our presence itself does this.

In addition to the three spatial dimensions, there is time, the fourth dimension. There is also individual observation and participation within these dimensions, or, Eliasson puts it: Your Engagement Sequence (YES).

In the vast interrelationship of waves that comprises our universe, every action and engagement we have with our surroundings is a two-way transaction. Eliasson is fascinated by this transaction-this is what constitutes our individual engagement with the universe. The ability to see oneself from a third-person point of view- for example, "the ways in which the visitors [to an art gallery] may experience themselves experiencing the artwork" helps people realize the role they play in the larger patterns of society, and helps put their individual experience into perspective. A work of art will affect different individuals differently, and it should be allowed to. When art is intended to have a general, universal effect on everyone and doesn't allow individual interpretation-this ignores the basic facts of the universe.

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