March 18, 2009

Rebargroup: Barrett Davis

Under the bridge: the passageway from the Kyle Field to the Student Recreational Center.

There are two entrances to this area but everyone gets bottle-necked through the overpass. An undulating, perforated structure hangs from the ceiling. I don't believe we can hang anything from it; however, we might be able to mimic the material somehow?

Typically cyclists will zoom and weave through the area while pedestrians attempt to maintain a comfort level of not being hit. Sometimes there are groups of people that congregate near the walls and host dance sessions. At other times, cyclists do tricks. People avoid "happenings" with a great distance considering the wide space available.

We would have to make it where we either take up an entire line or have it to where we would have them zig-zag and get in closer proximity than they are usually afforded. Granted, with the bikers speeding through one might have to take in account their safety. However, we might as well just slow them down anyway.

I wonder if we could setup little stations or pillars. Or if we could play off the idea of having trolls under the bridge - much like with fairy tales and fables of yore.

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