March 25, 2009

Charul Mehta: Potential sites(under the bridge)

potential site:
-area under the bridge that connects the architecture A building with architecture B and C buildings.
-area under the bridge next to the C building step down entrance could be considered - maybe over the grill or the platform whichever suits the design
-the area under the bridge is a high traffic area as a majority of the students, faculty and staff use it as an entrance/exit and during the day. Also students form other departments use it as a cross over area at times.

potential site:
these alcoves along the facade of the architecture A building.
- another site which will be visible and accessible to all the students, faculty and staff at the college of architecture + high traffic area
- around 7 to 8 alcoves which could be used for different designs/installations
- both the sites in the same department where our class is held.

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