March 28, 2009

3d tessellation

Greetings All,

Today we were hard at work in the studio. Thank you to all those who dropped in to see us!
(BTW Katie, you left some mail on our worktable in case you are looking for it)

As you are all developing your projects, Blaine and I are working on advancing the design of the Bushwaffle. In addition to helping y'all work on you're sites and ideas, we hope to have something to show and contribute to our group exhibition Friday.

Part of what we are exploring are alternate potential geometries for the Bwaffle. We started with the 5 pointed star shape, which works reasonably well (as you all experienced on our tour) and now we are looking into shapes that might work better in terms of folding and connecting to create larger and more interesting structures.

What we're interested in is 3d tessellation. We're hoping to get the Bushwaffle to function more like this:

In doing some research on the topic I've bumped into the practice of modular orgami, which seems to have some promise in terms of what we are after.

a stellated icosahedron

and thats leading me into research into molecular geometry. I'm posting this to see if anyone has any contacts on campus for people who are exploring this kind of stuff whom we could talk to.

Is this the next generation Bushwaffle?

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  1. Oh dear.....well please keep the mail around and I'm sure I'll see ya'll either Sunday or Monday, I need to keep my stuff tethered to me apparently. Thanks guys. Peace.


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