March 29, 2009

Rebargroup: Group 1 (Briana, Cory, and Sloan)

Mobile Art Gallery:

Group 1 will be making a mobile art gallery. Basically a big canvas with wheels, the intervention can be tried out in a variety of locations, but for April 3rd we're going to use Diversity Plaza.

Purpose behind this intervention:
1. We wanted follow the Rebar example, meaning we provide something interactive with opportunities for play.
2. With the MSC and the art galleries housed there closing for the next three years without relocation, we hope to raise Aggie awareness of art on campus.
3. Aggies need an outlet for self-expression, creativity, and discovery that is beyond the classroom.
4. We want to show that art can be anywhere, not just a typical gallery space. Also, art can be anything-- a painting, a sculpture, and even a process.

Notes from the review with Rebar:
1. We'll paint the frame and accompanying chairs to match, making them identifiable as a set.
2. Time-lapse photographs will document the evolution of the canvas, capturing the conversation and story.

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