March 30, 2009

Materials / Status update

OK Gang!

We've done one trip to the surplus yard and brought back materials for two projects:

Group 1( Brianna, Cory, Sloan): Large aluminum tube frame for Mobile Art Gallery.

Group 4( Ricardo, Barbara...Marie, Micheal?): Firehose tubing for Firehose furniture

I believe Group 2 (Katie, Barret, Mike, Charul) has found a source for cardboard.

We have not heard from Group 3 (Kristina, Ting, Teresa, John).

I think Chris is working solo on an inflatable dome project.

At this point we would like for y'all to commit to a project concept, finalize your materials needs, and post your concept to the Blog. We're a little concerned that a few folks are pursuing individual ideas and may not have the tools, materials, or support they need to accomplish the project by Friday.

Chris, are you working solo or have you joined a team?

Katie, are you working with your team on the cardboard tetris concept or are you forming a team to pursue the alphabet chair idea?

Please keep in mind that any materials we've borrowed from the Surplus yard need to be returned. Blaine and I leave on Friday and Saturday. We need (at least) two volunteers to be responsible for borrowing a truck (Carol, can students use your truck?) loading materials, and returning to the Surplus yard.

On purchasing supplies, this from Carol:

The way we purchase materials is to check out a credit card (employees must do this, like faculty or staff) and accompany people to the store and sign off. I've pledged up to $100 of petty cash funding out of my pocket for small things, for the whole workshop, in case people need little stuff.

My suggestion for supplies is that one person from each group put a list together of supplies and estimated costs. Put the list together for the whole class and send it to me. I can then schedule someone to go with you to purchase.

If you need to purchase supplies, please reply to this thread and post your material needs here. One or two folks should plan to meet with Carol and go buy supplies on Tuesday.

If you need more stuff from the surplus yard, let us know ASAP.

If you haven't posted a concept, please do. If you haven't committed to an idea or come up with a materials sourcing plan, we suggest you join an existing team and help with one of the great ideas already posted like Firehose furniture, or Alphabet chairs.

JB cell: 415-350-8257
BAM cell: 510-310-5698 to make ART!

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  1. FAIL! I know, where was I??!!! Trust me, I wish I could answer. So it looks like ya'll picked up the rolling chairs anyway??? Did ya'll grab all of them? If so, thanks soooo much,yeah I'm working on cardboard still, it won't take long to stencil those chairs up and be done. Thanks so much and I'll probably run into ya'll tonight! Later.



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