March 31, 2009

...they don't belong here!

Rebar scaled up its most recent iteration of the Triwaffle (naming suggestions anyone?), the trigonal planar geometry similar to a boron trifluoride molecule, to a 5' diameter inflated size.

To all in the class: if you have yet to land in a group, find a specific project that you're on track with for Friday, or are feeling otherwise undercommitted, let John and me know--we can show you how to heat seal an inflatable and assist us in producing additional prototype geometries over the next two days. We'd love to have your help, but please volunteer only if you've got some bandwidth in addition to your group commitments. We will be continuing to produce more of these and other variations over the next three days.

OK, now more on the process. First a large-scale "ironing board" is created:

The foil underneath helps sink the heat and keeps the double layer of plastic from sticking to the plywood or the iron.

Next we iron the layers of plastic together to form a seal.

After everything is sealed, we inflate!

And cut out the excess plastic.

... and enjoy. mmm, trigonal planarwaffle....


  1. Is the air being let out of that "triwaffle" like the earlier versions we saw back on Saturday/Sunday?

    And what was the inspiration to create that form?

  2. It looks like the Flux Capacitor.....Back to the Future peeps! Back to the Future! Marty: "The Flux Capacitor is......fluxing?"

  3. I like that there's a hole in the middle, but not a huge hole. Big enough for arms and legs maybe, but small enough to not become an intertube?


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