March 31, 2009

Rebargroup - Barrett Davis

Standing around and waiting for my group this evening, I overheard some students looking at the inflatables that JB and Blaine have been setting up.

"This stuff is strange..."

"You can tell they don't belong here...."

The remarks were in good humor. They were interested in what fashion the inflatables were going to be used. Furthermore, I must say that this is exactly why I am so excited for Friday to come sooner rather than later. :-) It will be fun to witness other people's reactions, indeed.


On a side note, we are no longer planning to create Tetris pieces. Instead we are planning on fitting elements into existing benches and/or other objects around campus to either change or enhance their functionality. The objects will most likely still be created from cardboard. And they should surely still be as fun.

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