March 31, 2009

Rebargroup: Barrett Davis

Our group is planning on having a cardboard installation. There is not a specific site other than the various concrete benches around the campus. It is going to be designed to fit in with any of the benches of said dimensions.

One of us will be with the object(s) at all times and it will most likely not stay in one spot through the entire time of the "happenings."

As far as materials are concerned, we only have one expense which should be glue. This fee should not go over $30 - given a liberal estimate. Otherwise, we are using all recycled cardboard. A good portion of it was received from the furniture store in town.

In summary
- Not site specific (fits into/out of benches around campus)
- Expense: <$30 of glue/glue guns.


  1. Barrett,

    Not sure if you'll be using hot's not too secure...but if you do, I've got several hot glue guns! Lots of caulk guns too, if you need them.

  2. hot glue is probably a good way to go. it sets very fast and you don't need a lot of it to get good bonds. i'd recommend it. you don't need to bond everywhere, just put tack blobs at key points.

  3. I'll bring up my hot glue guns then, Barrett! You'll look like crafty cowboys.


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