April 1, 2009

Rebargroup: Katie Smither

Art and Design

This is helpful when looking at the bench project.  But in general....Yes.  There are so many things right about this.

What I find really interesting is that there seems to be so much STUFF like this out there.  It's saying something, it's almost useful, it's almost sculpture, it's almost kitsch, and if it were at a dollar store you would look down on it.  

I won't disclose yet whether I think this is art or design, (I will after ya'll have given your opinions.) But this a good conversation to bring up, art and design.  What are the differences.
Does design have to mean usability and must that usability be a physical solution?  If it doesn't have to be physical, then its use is emotional or psychological.....which is where art often operates. 
Is it art?  It's saying big things about existence in a certain condition.  About peril, potential, risk, fear, anticipation, desire, destruction......there is narrative and it is open for your interpretation.  But shouldn't good design have these big conceptual questions in mind?

This is why I think this mug is great though, because (based on my still secret definitions of art and design), I'm not positive what category this falls into.......which (I think) makes it good. 
Sorry for the rambling, I'm bringing this up because this is where we are operating.....art/design/architecture/landscaping.......what are they?
Do you have to know to do good work?  Can you blend the lines and how do you do it well. 

I think it's an important conversation, maybe one I should have considered earlier in this project. What do ya'll think about this?  What is art, what is design, and what makes them such?   Why?   I want to hear, all of you please comment!  Thanks kiddos! Later,

Katie (here's the link) Smither

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