March 30, 2009

Marie-Gabrielle Alétru

On campus, outside of the MSC and in front of Rudder Fountain, on the Stark Galleries entrance.

César's car compression

Baldaccini, César - "Compression" -
(1960) - Image Copyright ©
- Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
(cf. Nouveau Réalisme - "Compression"
- César Baldaccini

(for the process: recycled material compressed; for the shape --cube or box--; for the colors; for the art reference)

+ Buren's columns of Palais Royal, Paris, France

colonnes de Buren #2

(for the rigorous spatial occupation, repartition, and alignment; for the sober but powerful use of contrast and black and white; for the concrete contemporary material; for a visually coherent but individually different height and wideness --diversity of human size and shape--; for the playful atmosphere; for the artistic reference to the greek antique architecture and contemporary art)

+ low tech weather proof recycling inexpensive materials

+ print on what is going on inside the galleries

= invitational sitting for any art galleries
(à suivre)


  1. I look forward to your intervention, I completely agree with the space problems you mentioned and the need for students to realize the existence of the gallery. I will be very busy, but keep us posted on your progress and if you need any help in the future, please ask! Good luck!


  2. marie-gabrielle... brava! good work posting up on the blog. (you're a pro now) let us know if you want to discuss or need help at any point. -blaine


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