March 27, 2009

Rebargroup: Katie Smither


We went to the surplus The pictures will be up soon, maybe via a link, but I have another thought on a potential project we talked about using mobile chairs. Simply, we found these old chairs with wheels attached to the base and there was talk about giving them to the public for their interpretation and use. Perhaps with some sort of guideline of where the chairs belong....a place designated as their home. See JB and Blaine for the scoop.

Quick idea.....rather than saying "Please Sit" on each painted chair.....perhaps each chair has one letter of the phrase "PLEASE SIT" painted on it. That way you are able to initially instruct the public, but eventually the use of the chairs are completely up to the players. The users can direct others from there if they choose, with the individual pieces or letters. All the parts allow a different interpretation of the whole depending on who's playing. Maybe this idea is not realized best as letters on separate chairs....that might be a little bit too obvious....but perhaps this is another way to think about the chair project. I think it's interesting that each piece would contribute something unique, while still being integral to the whole project. What are ya'lls ideas? Alright, done and done, see ya'll soon.

Katie Smither

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  1. Katie,
    I think this is a great idea (letters on chairs). Have you thought about expanding the idea by providing multiple letters that spell out more ideas such as "art matters" or something of the sort...and/or provide enough letters that people can spell out what ever they want to rather than only want we want them to spell... etc...


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