March 27, 2009

Rebar: Blaine Merker

Blaine Merker directs Rebar with Matt Passmore and John Bela. His background and training are in landscape architecture (MLA Berkeley, 2005), history (BA Reed College, 1998), construction, activism and theater. Originally from Oregon but raised partly in Amersterdam and Zurich. Currently based in San Francisco he works during the week at Royston Hanamoto Alley and Abey, a landscape architecture and urban design firm. Interests: the intersection of theory and practice, quietly bringing radical ideas into prosaic realms of everyday life; deconstructing the beliefs underlying spatial habits; how modes of transportation affect world view; crafting objects and situations that provide joy, relief and puzzlement; exploring wild nature in its urban and non-urban forms. Special powers include messaging vague notions into academic sounding prose, listening to all sides of a story, and including eggs in almost any dish.

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