March 28, 2009

Surplus store

Katie, Mike, Charul, JB, and Blaine went to the surplus depot. Here are the photos of what we found there that might be useful.

We will coordinate a return trip to the depot on Monday. Reply to this thread if you see something you need and what your schedule is like Monday...


  1. Your photo link is a static link to the picture shown. Was it meant to link to an online album?

    From our conversations earlier (unless my group members made some adjustments), I think Group 1 is looking at the following:
    - The big Ag frame with wheels
    - Perhaps 3-5 chairs? With wheels or no?
    - Wire to span the length of the frame on top and bottom and strong enough to support a plastic material/canvas (shower curtain weight)
    - Generous number of clips that can attach to the wire and hold the plastic material/canvas

    Monday availability: between 8-12, max of 2 hours. About 2:30-5, then 6:15 to whenever

  2. I concur with Brianna's request and "grocery" list. I am available Monday after 10:00am.


  3. We will also need to access paint at some point and the plastic material (our canvas). Group 1 mentioned bringing back the shrink wrap from surplus as well...


  4. As discussed, there will hopefully be a project including as many of the rolling chairs as possible....the more the better, so if that means we can use all of the rolling chairs to work on the 'mobile text messaging' (haha get it 'MOBILE'), that would be awesome. : )

    So yep, if I can put a claim on the rolling chairs, perfect. And let us know if the time changes for Monday morning, JB and Blaine, 9:30 yeah? Just fill us in cause I would love to ride along however you get there....I think I left my cell there. ha, later!

  5. hey all, I fixed the links to flickr, so you should be able to see all the photos now.


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