February 6, 2009

AiR Student Assignments: Michele Brody

Here's the list so far. Let me know in the comments if you need me to edit anything.

Chris G: Seed Post Fabrication
Barrett D: Seed Post Construction
Ricardo S: Seed Post Fabrication/Construction
Trent P: Seed Post Fabrication and Hydroponics/Irrigation
Michael D: Plant Materials and Hydroponics/Irrigation
Brianna M: Plant Materials for Seed Posts, Irrigation?
Michael W: Post construction and Hydroponics/Irrigation
Brad A: Water distribution/construction
Charum M: Seed Post Growing Medium
Kate S: Paper preservation
Cory A: Water Headdress
Kristina W: Water Headdress and Glass
Miguel C: Geothermal Staff and Headdress
Ting F:
Teresa M: Site Analysis - Search

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