February 4, 2009

Michele Brody : Charul Mehta

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An important aspect of this artist's practice involves nurturing ethnobotanica, including native and heirloom plants maintained by “plant life-support systems”. Grow lights, plant misters, and other environmental controls are powered by sustainable,  renewable energy systems, such as solar and wind power duplicatenatural environments in artificial but essentially “green” habitats.

There's this project she's doing in Houston on the Bayou which could maybe help us.

Buffalo Bayou project,Houston.

Garden for the Third Coast: Buffalo Bayou Plants Project is the first phase of a larger scheme to reintroduce and repopulate Houston's Buffalo Bayou with (once-plentiful) native plants. An ecosystem specific art project, the Bayou Plants Project showcases ecologically significant plants, grown organically from seed by the artist, which are indigenous to the city’s bayous. . The project offered first-hand visual and sensory experiences of the bayou’s intriguing plant life and the extraordinary natural environments they help build and sustain. 

The website shows plants like Pitcher Plant, Spotted Beebalm, Yellow Cowlily, Fragrant waterlily, Rattlesnake Master, and Turk's cap as plants which I believe are native to Houston.

Charul Mehta.

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