February 4, 2009

Michele Brody: C. Arcak

As I was looking for solutions for the "Water" spirit I came across these solar powered fountain heads. Depending on size, if you want a battery back-up etc...some of the prices may be out of our range and the whole contraption may be a bit bulky for a head dress. That said, if we can rig the solar panel to the back of the wearer we can design a "bowl" head dress to hold the fountain, the water and recirculate the water for the spray effect. Keep in mind these are meant for small ponds and/or outdoor fountains that do not move, but I think it is a start. There will be considerations of weight for the wearer and the spilling of the water. If this is not the direction we want to go there is always the camelbak idea. With the "camelbak" the wearer will have control over when and where the water will emerge, but we will need to figure out how to reverse the flow.
This is one example of the fountain, pump, and solar panel...

The camelbak

We don't necessarily need to go out and purchase a camelbak, but we can work off the idea.

Tying this into what Mike was talking about with the re-circulation for the seed posts, the solar powered fountain heads with pump may be a consideration for the recirculation of water sans the fountain itself.

C. Arcak

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