February 6, 2009

Michele Brody: Miguel Zarate

Roy Staab

Roy Staab is an internationally known artist who has made a variety of sculptures throughout Europe, America and Japan.

Aftertide Meridian, August 14, 1998

From the Bauhaus base of art, the geometric sculptures of Roy F. Staab embrace the land as both inspiration and provider of natural materials. These environmental site sculptures are created to be in harmony with the earth and relate to the site by their shape and size. The kinds of materials used are indigenous to the region and come from the site itself. Mr. Staab has used grasses, reeds, weeds, saplings, rice straw, bamboo, and sea weed to construct his sculptures.


Refractive Pearls, 1998, Micox Bay, NY.

He projects the ephemeral of life in his work and prefers the forces of nature to enhance and dismantle it. Staab's sculptures are intended to heighten our awareness of the process of nature.

Tongued Mandala, June 1996, Tateyama, Japan..

Here is a clip of Roy Staab making “Skog Ring”, an environmental forest sculpture:


I have also found a clip from the movie “Under California” by Mexican filmmaker Carlos Bolado that shows an example of this style of environmental art, start watching at 0:54:



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- Miguel Zárate

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