February 5, 2009

Michele Brody: Miguel Zarate


I have been thinking about what to use for the natural energy elements for the head dresses, especially the ones for the spirit of fire, which can spout smoke to infer geo-thermal energy

Some answers:

1. At first I thought that the best solution would be to use dry ice, but I think it might could pose a risk to the person wearing the head dress –it’s quite unstable- . I don’t give completely up this idea yet, so if anyone knows of a certain safe way to use dry ice….

2. So, let’s go for FOG MACHINES. These are certain devices commonly used at parties, concerts which are reasonably affordable. The only problem is you get one small and light enough to put on someone’s head. Here are some economic examples:

a. This is the cheapest one I found in the internet: $24.99 plus shippping
Its dimensions are : 8.5"H x 6"W x 6"D Weight: 5 lbs, so I think it is too heavy, but maybe Michele could be interested in it.

b. I found another one which is amazingly tiny, light (650 grams) and has small dimensions
(L=244 x W=52 x H=54 mm), but it is too expensive, over $1000!

c. Too expensive? Let’s build our own tiny smoke machine! Here is a link for a guide:


Here is the model:


Miguel Zarate

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