February 5, 2009

Michele Brody : Trent Pruett

Water Circulation and Recycling:

I've been trying to come up with solutions for recycling our water and aerating it for the seed posts.  Dealing with efficiency and pricing is the tricky part.  I have been clicking around online to find some options for alternative energy. Once I found something that looked promising, I then realized it was a work in progress and isn't for consumer use yet.  So the best I could come up with was solar.  Although solar doesn't come without a hefty price, I was able to find a couple of solar pumps for our irrigation system that weren't terribly expensive:

Though they're not very powerful, purchasing a couple of them to give it the extra power it needs would probably be more efficient than buying one big expensive powerful one.  Click here for the site.

Now this can get pricy if we're going to have multiple seed posts, however I came up with a rough concept for an irrigation system that does not require multiple pumps for each post.  This is just a rough idea and it wouldn't be a big deal if it was thrown out the window or completely revised:

For a PDF, click here.
(better quality)

Aeration Solution:

The next task I tried to tackle was a cheap solution for aerating the water.  This was a little more difficult to research as most aerators are expensive, but I did find some cheap solar powered oxygenators that, according to the internet, aerate like an aerator.  Hope I'm not mistaken.  Click here to see details.
The post I just sent, which should be beneath this post, is information about the shops and cutting machines.  You don't have read any of it unless you plan on using any of the machines or shops. I tagged it under information if you ever need to get to it.

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