February 3, 2009

Notes From Michele Brody

Hi There,

Just wanted to post a little note to let you know that I have been following your blog, and am really excited to come down and work with you. One thing I noticed was your interest in the upcoming Pageant I will be working on, so I thought I would send some images of the pieces that I have designed already, but need some technical help in constructing some of the natural energy elements for the head dresses and staffs such as a solar panel, wind and water turbines, and most of all some kind of contraption that can spout smoke to infer geo-thermal energy.

I am looking forward to hearing and sharing your ideas to see how we can pack in as much research and production into my week with you. I am bringing down some of the lace that I have used already as a working sample as well. I am also looking forward to being in a warmer climate for a little bit as it is snowing here right now.

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