February 6, 2009

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Andrea Polli

Recieving Art History degree from John Hopkins in 1989, and then an MFA at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1992, Andrea Polli now lives in New York City and acts as an Associate Professor Electronic Arts at the University of New Mexico as well as an Associate Professor in the Department of Film and Media at Hunter College.

Andrea Polli’s electronic media works explore global systems and human experience. She often collaborates with atmospheric and climate scientists. Recent works include a series of sonifications of projected climate change in Central Park and real-time multi-channel sonifications and visualizations of Arctic weather changes and urban air quality.

In Heartbeat of the City, Polli has used the process of sonification to convey the projected increases in the number of days NYC experiences 90+ degree days in the summer due to global warming.

Heat and the Heartbeat of the City (2004)

Airlight Taipei is a system to translate Taipei EPA pollution data into sound in real time. The result is a rhythmic pulse that transforms throughout the day. A projected real-time image of a Taipei highway is also transformed by the sound of the air around it, and fades in and out of view like airlight.

Airlight Taipei

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