March 13, 2009

Katie Smither

Away from image files right now....I'll upload a pic later.

Field of Study: Currently Environmental Design, in the process of transferring though to get a B.F.A.

Interests: Life, living it, and trying not to fail while doing so. My Lord, art, design, asking questions, politely breaking rules : ), reading reading reading...wish we had more time to read good stuff. Music, musicals, and anything old school Disney. Harry Potter, sushi, and sleep (the concept is intriguing...ha)....and on and on.

Special Powers: Lately, a whiz at filling out applications for anything really. Talking bigger game than might be true, ha ha, SO comes in handy. Recently, a ripstick extrordinaire. A master at beam ball. A steady stream of ridiculous ideas that should be followed through with more often. Perhaps a professional sarcastic. Skilled cleptomaniac. Disney lyric dictionary. And above all, nothing can top this, none of ya'll got anything after this is dropped.....Typing 150+ GWAM in middle school....dangerous digits right here, fellas.

Thanks, Katie Smither

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