March 12, 2009

Rebargroup: Barrett Davis

These are just various sites around campus. Each of the sites has a heavy amount of traffic on a given day.

However, one consideration worth noting is Mondays and Wednesdays seem to have the most traffic. Tuesdays and Thursdays have less and Fridays have the least. Weekends are typically abysmal if one hopes to see anyone on campus.

My desire is to find a space that has a lot of people and do some sort of interaction with them.

A few ideas:
  • Have a large quantity of Frisbees [or similar item] at the Simpson Drill Field or the field outside of the Architecture building. Considering that people frequent Frisbee and napping on these fields perhaps there is some object that could double as a pillow or to rest one's head on?
  • The ramps outside of Evan's library or the Student Rec Center force people through ramps and into a sharp angled entrance. There is potential to disrupt.
On a side note: I had flipped through a contemporary art book the other day and I had read about a quite amusing installation piece. The name of the artist(s) allude me; however, the premise was that a man and a woman were naked facing each other in the entrance of a gallery. To enter the gallery, the visitors were required to decide how to pass by the two given it was the only way to see the art inside.

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