March 12, 2009

Rebargroup: Barrett Davis

Field of Study: Visualization [transitionally undergrad - graduate]

Special Interests: Painting, writing, video games, interactive art, generative art, film, animation.

I'm finishing my last semester as an undergraduate with a focus on visualization - transcribing what I think into a tangible, aesthetic form. I've been accepted to continue my studies in the Master of Science in Visualization program here at A&M. The main project in my focus is to develop a program which creates a three-dimensional painting of sorts. If all works as initially planned it will be an abstract, non-representational representation of my own abstract, non-representational paintings. :-)

Talents & Powers:
  • Ability to consume any number of cookies in front of me (esp. chocolate chip) without hesitation
  • Ability to transcend objects floating in the wind
  • Pun-extraordinaire
  • Aura of the artist (without any initial intentions!)

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