March 13, 2009

Rebargroup: Cory Arcak

Hello All,

When we began discussing the areas/issues with campus I originally envisioned an activity taking place in the large "green" spaces on campus such as Simpson Drill Field, Golf Courses, the knolls between Architecture and O&M. These locations lack "furniture" yet provide access to the earth where students can sunbathe/sit/sleep and be in contact with the earth. That said, the issues with this/these activities is that the grass isn't always the most pleasant place to sit due to moisture, insects etc... so playing off of Kristina's post ages ago about melting shopping bags and creating jewelry, i have been playing with the idea of melting plastic shopping bags and creating "blankets/quilts" that students can sit on. Granted plastic may not be the most conducive material in that with our Texas temperatures one may begin to perspire, but maybe by using the same concept we can also create shade blankets. The plastic shopping bags could be designed to be either a "shade" blanket or a sitting blanket etc...Maybe form it into an umbrella etc... This would recycle a material, be accessible to all and could be left at strategic locations for others to share...It's just an idea.

Following Barrett's idea of creating a giant frisbee game in a heavily populated location, we could do a form of intervention/interaction that required strangers to play/talk with us. I've often said that we are so connected (ipods,cell phones,mp3 etc...) we are disconnected as human beings. If we "attack" a heavily populated area I wonder what the results of human interaction would be? Positive/Negative???

These are just a few thoughts...

By the way, my name is Cory Arcak and my background is anthropology. I'm interested in human behavior, culture, art and education. I'm off across the great pond for the next ten days. I look forward to reading what is posted while I'm away.

Take Care,

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