March 13, 2009


I found three potential areas to place the inflatables. Outside of the Academic Building there are grassy areas where many people would rest on It is an area of slow traffic so if we place the objects there people will actually stop and check it out.

The grassy hills outside of Langford are also great resting and studying areas. Many students also play Frisbee, fly kites, tumble, and work on projects This might actually be the best spot to test the human interactions.

The grassy hills across from the underground by the northside dorms are also a great spot to test the inflatables. Everyday people occupy the grass areas to eat, play guitar, rest, and study. It is also an area of slow traffic so there will be many curious minds

As a sidenote, I noticed that many students would appreciate a place to lay and nap during the day. Students set up hammocks and lay on the grass when the weather is nice. I'm pretty sure they would love to have something new to lay on.

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