March 9, 2009

Rebargroup: Briana Morrison

Profile: Briana Morrison
^ That's me in pink, enjoying a free hug in Austin

Field of study:
Landscape Architecture and Horticulture

Special Interests: Graffiti, public art, public space, sociology, social and environmental sustainability, political advocacy

I'm hoping to eventually attend graduate school to study something similar to the goals of the people create meaning, genus loci, and community through public art/graffiti/flash mobs, etc. The details aren't quite fleshed out in my mind. I'm still searching for inspiration, which is why I'm waiting, and also why I'm excited about this project!

Talents & Powers:
  • Landscape Architecture training...which better be a talent of some sort after five years
  • Painting and drawing
  • Photography
  • Public speaking
  • Event planning
  • A townie, which has advantages when it comes to gaining access to certain things/places :)

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