March 10, 2009

Rebargroup: Katie Smither

So while I was working the 4 AM shift at my job.....which if I left such up for interpretation, could seem scandalous (so I will).....I witnessed the comings and goings of potential material, though I don't really know how they could be used.  I vote we just keep them in the back of our mind just in case an intervention ends up lending itself to them.....But at 4 AM there is a tall thin man who comes onto campus wobbly under an enormous number of newspapers.  He brings the stack, half as tall as he, to the rack where the neglected Battalions from the day before lay lonely and misunderstood.  He removes them, and replaces them with the newspapers for the present day.  Then he meanders off with a good foot tall collection of day old Battalion....otherwise known as raw materials for the taking...perhaps, if fate will have it as such.   That much newspaper does become quite massive, but that flimsy newsprint is also weak......who knows, but remember...if there's about a foot of old Battalion in every rack all over campus there's a lot of leftover paper.

Also, are we forming another Label or Section for the student profiles we're suppose to submit?  I saw Briana put hers up, but there was talk of putting them under another label...someone comment yea or nay.  Thanks kids, and pick up a Battalion, it needs a friend!

Katie Smither


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