March 14, 2009

Rebargroup: Friday's Class(3-13)

In class Friday we discussed possible locations for intervention. We made up a list of places that need to be researched or looked into, ideas, etc. If you were not in class on Friday, you can go ahead and pick one or two of the places on the list and do some background research on them so that when Rebargroup gets here, we will have an idea of where we would like to work.

Diversity Plaza-Mike?
Langford/Ocng. Field-I think somebody already posted some about this on the blog
Simpson Drill Field
MSC bus drop off
Rec entrance
Rudder Plaza
Wellborn Ramp
Military walk
Academic Plaza-Barbara
Langford Alcoves-Charul
Blocker-Michael W.
Read Paving Seal
Kyle Field (N. Side)

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